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洛杉矶等九个城市将实行市民基本收入制度 [复制链接]

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The mayors of Los Angeles; Oakland, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Tacoma, Washington, Newark, New Jersey; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Jackson, Mississippi; Compton, California; Shreveport, Louisiana and Stockton, California, have joined Mayors For A Guaranteed Income, a coalition advocating for UBI policies, or the idea of giving out recurring cash payments to all individuals without any strings attached.

Mayors For A Guaranteed Income was founded by Michael Tubbs, the 29-year-old mayor of Stockton who launched one of the first guaranteed income pilots in the U.S. last year, along with the Economic Security Project, a non-profit supporting the idea of creating an income floor for all Americans.

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Though the coalition will advocate collectively for a guaranteed income and share information, each city will launch their own pilot with separate funding streams, either by creating a working group to find room in the city budget or by forming public/private partnerships, Tubbs told Forbes.

Tubbs said the pandemic and the unrest caused by the death of George Floyd, who was allegedly apprehended for using a counterfeit $20 bill before he was killed, pushed him to announce the coalition now.

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“It’s taken COVID-19 where direct cash payments are part of the solution offered by the federal government, so I just thought the time was right to organize mayors around the idea because we live in a time of pandemics,” Tubbs said. “If it’s not COVID-19 this year, it’ll be an earthquake next year, a hurricane the year after or fire. Folks need to build economic resilience in our cities now.”


When Tubbs announced Stockton’s program in 2017, which gives $500 monthly to 125 residents, it garnered attention from the media and other politicians as one of the first serious UBI tests in the U.S. The 18 month pilot—which began doling out money in February 2019—ended in June, but was renewed earlier this month until January 2021. Tubbs said the program has been beneficial, with most recipients spending money on groceries and utility bills. Anecdotally, Tubbs said, the $500 was a lifeline for people waiting for coronavirus unemployment assistance. One recipient was able to take unpaid time off from an hourly position to interview for another job with more benefits, Tubbs added.


Guaranteed income has a long history dating back to political theorist Thomas Paine, who in 1797 proposed a form of a lump sum granted to all citizens. Martin Luther King Jr. also supported the idea in his fight to eradicate poverty. More recently, researchers in the U.S., Finland, Kenya, Canada and the Netherlands have begun conducting their own small scale UBI pilot programs. But the once-far-fetched policy has gotten mainstream attention amid the pandemic after Congress seriously debated the idea of giving regular direct cash payments to Americans. “I think the pandemic exposed just how fragile the economic underpinnings of our society are,” Tubbs said. “COVID-19 has put us in the midst of another Great Depression which necessitates bold, New Deal-type investments in our people and our social safety net.”

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当Tubbs宣布2017年斯托克顿的计划,使每月500美元到125居民,得到媒体的关注和其他政客的第一个严重无论何时测试在美国18月pilot-which开始发放奖金,2019年2月- 6月结束,但本月早些时候再次直到2021年1月。塔布斯说,这项计划是有益的,因为大多数受惠者把钱花在了杂货和水电费上。塔布斯说,这500美元是等待冠状病毒失业救助的人的生命线。塔布斯补充说,其中一名应聘者可以从每小时的工作中获得无薪假期,去面试另一份福利更高的工作。
保障收入的历史可以追溯到政治理论家托马斯·潘恩(Thomas Paine),他在1797年提出了一种一次性向所有公民发放资金的形式。马丁·路德·金在他的消除贫困的斗争中也支持这个想法。最近,美国的研究人员发现美国、芬兰、肯尼亚、加拿大和荷兰已经开始实施他们自己的小型UBI试点计划。但在美国国会就定期向美国人直接支付现金的想法进行了认真讨论后,这项一度牵强的政策在大流行期间引起了主流社会的关注。塔布斯说:“我认为,疫情暴露了我们社会的经济基础是多么脆弱。”“新冠肺炎把我们置于另一场大萧条之中,这需要对我们的人民和我们的社会安全网进行大胆的、新政式的投资。”
29岁的斯托克顿市市长迈克尔•塔布斯(Michael Tubbs)创立了“保证收入市长”组织。去年,他与非营利组织“经济安全项目”(Economic Security Project)一起发起了美国首批保证收入试点项目之一,该项目支持为所有美国人创造收入最低限额的想法。
塔布斯说,流感大流行以及乔治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)之死引发的骚乱促使他现在宣布成立联合政府。据称,弗洛伊德因在被杀前使用20美元假钞而被捕。

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